Next Level Trucking Program

The Next Level Trucking Program is an innovative turn-key Trucking Program, where you can make a successful financial investment today and see a significant return on your investment within 1 year, all without ever leaving your bed.

What Makes Us Different?

Through this program you are NOT REQUIRED to have experience in the trucking industry, possess a CDL license or be an Owner-Operator. You make the investment while we do ALL the work for you. You can enjoy peace of mind while your trucks are on the road and your investment grows.

The Next Level Trucking Program Will:

  • Organize and Setup your new trucking business
  • Arrange financing, if required
  • Facilitate the purchase of the semi-truck
  • Recruit, screen and hire the driver (s)
  • Daily management of your business and driver
  • Establish a long term contract with a major carrier that complies with FMCA and DOT.

Why Invest in The Truck Industry: 

Trucks are the backbone of the American economy, garnering over $700 B each year and the demand for trucking is only expected to grow. According to an estimate from the American Trucking Association, by 2028 freight trucks will transport more than 20.73 billion tons of cargo. This projection is a huge increase from previous years and provides a unique opportunity for those in the trucking industry.

Investing in the startup of your new trucking business allows you the opportunity to be a part of this demanding and growing industry. Based on the current industry standards, your business should yield an average net profit of $4,000 per month.

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